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Monthly Archives:October 2021

Hello, and welcome to our new website. We’re so excited you’re here! It means you love your furry friend as much as we do and only want the best for your canine companion. That’s exactly what we strive for at Silverbrook Kennels! At Silverbrook Kennels your dog is a member of our family! But first,…

Is dog daycare right for your pooch? The answer is almost definitely “Yes!” Here’s why: dogs are social animals and extroverts by nature. That means that although our pups can adapt to our routines, some struggle with spending their days alone while we work to bring home the bacon. If you’re a natural extrovert, you…

Hello friends of Silverbrook, potential newcomers, and lovers of dogs in general, as we are in the process of restructuring our blog, I thought it would be wise to take this time and go over what exactly we do here in a more casual manner to both remind our long-time families and inform newer visitors…

Dog training… is it right for you and your dog? This is a question many dog owners ask themselves. And rightly so. After all, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to dog training. Some people consider dog training to be a luxury, while others believe it punishes dogs that don’t comply. Some…

Silverbrook is 1st class and I highly recommend them for your training needs. — Chris H.
The Silverbrook Experience
Nestled on 10 acres with a pond & park-like atmosphere
Family-run facility where your dog will feel at home
Experienced & caring year-round staff
Continuing education & certification for all employees
Serving Stafford & Fredericksburg, VA from our 10-acre farm off Courthouse Road