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Is dog daycare right for your pooch? The answer is almost definitely “Yes!” Here’s why: dogs are social animals and extroverts by nature. That means that although our pups can adapt to our routines, some struggle with spending their days alone while we work to bring home the bacon. If you’re a natural extrovert, you know what we mean. Spending too much time alone can lead to depression and even poor health.

To prevent this, it’s important to find ways to give our poochies the structured days and social stimulation they crave. Silverbrook Kennels doggy daycare is this answer!

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

1. It’s a social experience: If your dog has limited opportunities to socialize with other dogs or people, dog daycare can be just the thing to keep him healthy and happy. A good facility provides a safe environment for your pooch to play with other dogs of a wide variety of breeds and personalities.

2. It’s like when you hit the gym: You hit the gym to keep yourself in shape and mingle with like-minded people. Well, your pup needs this too! For a dog, a less active lifestyles is bad for both body and mind. Dogs who spend a lot of time alone can develop personality issues along with physical health problems like overeating and poor mobility. Your dog needs inter-“action” with other dogs! Weekly or daily doggy daycare sessions at Silverbrook Kennels will keep your pooch active and engaged. That’s a win-win!

3. It helps eliminate separation anxiety: If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, you understand it’s a real thing that’s hard for them to deal with. If your pooch is stressed out and anxious over being left alone, he’ll display behavior such as whining, howling, licking, or chewing. These are surefire signs your pup is unhappy.

Dog daycare at Silverbrook Kennels will allow you to go to work and run errands without leaving your pet alone and stressed out.

4. It establishes a familiar routine: Just like you, your canine has a routine he finds comfort in. Routine schedules and structured days are important for dogs. Doggy daycare can help maintain your dog’s routine throughout the day. For example, regular feeding and play times are excellent ways to keep your dog happy and engaged.

5. It reduces your own anxiety: We all love our pooches, and it can be crushing to come home to a sad pup who’s spent his day being stressed. Enrolling your dog in daycare will relieve your anxiety and worry over leaving him home alone all day, every day. You’ll feel better knowing your pup is happy and safe. At Silverbrook Kennels we’re dog lovers just like you! Our daycare providers truly care about your pup’s well-being.

Silverbrook Kennels has what your dog needs!

In addition to all of the above benefits, at Silverbrook Kennels we want your pooch to have fun! We’re located on twelve wooded acres with walking trails, a pond, and plenty of open space for your canine to run! Our doggy daycare staff will make your pooch feel so welcome he may not want to go home! If you’d like to discuss dog daycare with us, contact us online at, or give us a call at 540-720-3661. We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

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Silverbrook is 1st class and I highly recommend them for your training needs. — Chris H.
The Silverbrook Experience
Nestled on 10 acres with a pond & park-like atmosphere
Family-run facility where your dog will feel at home
Experienced & caring year-round staff
Continuing education & certification for all employees
Serving Stafford & Fredericksburg, VA from our 10-acre farm off Courthouse Road