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Upcoming Obedience Training Sessions

Next Sessions Start December 18/19 and January 15/16

Silverbrook Kennels 3-week board and train program warmly welcomes your dog into our program. We strive to create a home-like setting. Dogs will enjoy individualized care all day. We love training a variety of breeds and enjoy seeing the success each dog can achieve.

During this short program, your dog will master basic commands such as heel, sit, come, leave it and down. At the completion of the course, your dog will be heeling on and off leash, recall on command, and will understand basic discipline such as preventing jumping on your family or guests and uncontrolled barking.
Skills are taught so that even with distractions like other dogs, squirrels and people your pet will adhere to commands. All training is done one-on-one with your dog, so we can individualize commands and address training needs specific to your pet and family.

Our Training Process

During your intake appointment, the trainer will work with you to complete a questionnaire that will provide insight into the specific behavioral issues you are observing at home. We will also review objectives and expectations and conduct a brief initial evaluation of your dog.

At the end of the second week a consultation visit is arranged. We will discuss your dog’s progress and begin to provide after-training instructions. Guidance on proper dog handling and management will strengthen the obedience foundation our training establishes with your pet. Don’t worry, we also set aside a little time for cuddling and TLC, we know you miss them.

We believe owner involvement is vital to working towards a totally obedient and well-trained dog. We concentrate strongly on good handling skills and positive dog/handler relations. When you come to pick up your dog, after completing their 3-week program, we’ll review personalized dog management and provide time for you to practice handling your dog. Then, it’ll be our turn to say good-bye, because now WE will miss them!

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Enhance Your Dog’s Quality of Life

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  • All lessons are one-on-one with the trainer and your dog.
  • Communication during the training process gives you comfort and confidence.
  • Small classes and supportive environment encourage continual learning.
  • Basic Obedience enhances your dog’s quality of life!

My experience with Silverbrook Kennels has been 1st class! My 5 month old Golden puppy went through the 3-week board and train program. My puppy arrived at the kennel pulling on the leash and would listen to “sit” only when he wanted to. After the completion of the course, he walks at a heel, sits and stays until he is called, and recalls when I tell him to “come.” Jay, Trish, and Raymond truly care about the dogs and continue to work with us even after the completion of the program. We received picture updates throughout the program with updates on his progress. Silverbrook is 1st class and I highly recommend them for your training needs.

Chris H.

Training Fee

The fee for the 3-week program is $2360. This includes the training collar we recommend and will help you learn to use. If you already have a training collar, please bring it with you when you drop off your dog. For best results, the trainer will ensure it’s compatible with our program.

Payment of half the training fee is required when you schedule your dog for training. The balance is payable when your dog completes his/her training.

We prefer payments be made in cash or check. However, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

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