Silverbrook Obedience Training Program

Silverbrook’s three week obedience training program works toward creating a totally obedient and well trained companion. Heel, sit, come and down are basic commands that your dog will master during this short program. Dogs belonging to individuals with special needs may have a program tailored to accomplish their objectives. Our trainers are eager to get started working with you and your dog to make you the best team possible.

Silverbrook Gun-Dog Training Program

Take a look at our Gun Dog training program to see how Silverbrook can make your dog a well trained and obedient hunting companion. Silverbrook’s Gun Dog Training Program is top notch. Our record speaks for itself. We specialize in basics, collar conditioning and transition programs tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs. No gun dog has the same personality, drive or retrieving desire. That is why we design a training program that meets your hunting requirements and dog’s ability. While we concentrate on training your dog daily, our most important mission is teaching you how to apply the disciplines your dog has mastered. We invite clients to interact during training sessions as often as possible