Obedience Training

SilverBrook - Obedience TrainingSilverbrook Kennels offers a 5-week residential obedience program. We love training a variety of breeds and enjoy seeing the success each dog can achieve. During this short program, your dog will master basic commands such as heel, sit, come and down. At the completion of the 5-week course, your dog will be heeling on and off leash, coming on command off leash, and understanding basic discipline such as no jumping on you or your neighbors. The training sessions will cover how to command the same discipline from your dog after arriving home.

During the first two weeks of training an evaluation is conducted based on the trainer and training technician’s interactions with your dog and your input and observations from home. At the end of two weeks, a consultation visit is arranged to discuss training progress. From then on, owners are encouraged to set up training lessons with the trainer and your dog. We believe owner involvement is the most important step in working towards a totally obedient and well-trained dog. In addition, we concentrate strongly on good handling skills and positive dog/handler relations.

All lessons are one-on-one with the trainer and your dog
No waiting for group classes. We offer continuous enrollment
Residential environment reinforces learning 24/7
Basic Obedience enhances your dog’s quality of life!

The fee for the 5-week program is $1925. The fee includes board and training for your dog and training for you. A training collar is an additional $255. You may bring your own collar on the day you pick your dog up to go home.

Payment of half the training fee is required when you drop your dog off. The remaining fee is payable when your dog completes his/her training.

We prefer payments be made in cash or check. However, we also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.